Thursday, October 6, 2011

Frederick Douglass- What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?

The 4th of July to the Early America was very important. It signified the many years that they had had of freedom and of all the sacrifices they had made in order to get their freedom. Frederick Douglass was the main speaker at an assemble that he was invited to and he got the opportunity to say what the 4th of July really meant to him.
He starts out by commenting on how proud all Americans should be of the liberty that they have and of how they are so joyful when it comes to this festivity. Also, mentions that they should be proud of their 76 year old country because it has brought many great things to them. Through out the beginning, he never mentions that the American country was his as well and this was made very obvious by Douglass.
He later gets in to the fact that slavery is still being held as an honest and rightful act of the Americans. He says that since this still continues, America only belongs to those that are free, which excluded the slaves and himself. He feels that when the 4th of July comes, the slaves have a remembrance of the freedom that they wish to have and maybe never receive. Also, it brings back the memories of how much they have already suffered.
I found interesting when he speaks of the hypocrisy that the nation has because he points out that the they all have fought many wars against different countries and people and that they still live in a society were not everyone is seen as a person. This caught my attention because in a way I would have agreed with him. How could the Nation say that they are free and have equality when they still held slaves under their power? Even Douglass being a free man, he still felt like he was under the same category of the slaves, but the only difference was that he was educated.

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