Thursday, October 6, 2011

Huck Finn

Huck Finn is a novel written by Mark Twain that tells the adventures of Huck and Jim as they travel to the free states. Huck is a young boy that comes across a large sum of money with his friend Tom.The money that they come across, is what causes Huck much agony and suffering. After being placed under the guardianship of the Widow, Huck starts the process of being "civilized". He is sent to school, church, and is obligated to dress properly, which he doesn't like. He finds time to sneak out and go on adventures with his friend Tom, but gets himself into trouble.
After a night of fun and laughter with his friends, he goes back home, but finds his father waiting for him in his room. His father had been away for a while and was the towns drunk. Huck feels fear and anger towards his father and tries to avoid contact with him. After seeing that he can no longer run from his father, he is taken by him and they hide in the woods. After several days of being with his father in a cabin, Huck decided to make a run for it, but forever. He plays out a murder scene and escapes with everything his father has, hoping that he will never have to see him again.
Huck makes his escape easily and makes his way up the river, but along the way he finds Jim. Jim is the slave of the Widow, but has also decided to run away. He feared that he would be sold and would never get to see his family again and so he decided to take the risk of fleeing. Huck and Jim stick together and decide to help each other get to the free states. Along the way, they come across many difficulties such as sickness, storms, and people. The people of many towns have already been informed of Jim's escape, so everyone is now on the look out for Jim. This makes it more difficult for their travel, but they continue their path.
At the end of their trip, they make it to Tom's aunts home, but Jim is trapped and thought to still be a slave and Huck has to play the role of Tom. Once Tom arrives at the home, he helps Huck free Jim, but he already knows that Jim was a free man. Tom makes an elaborate plan for the rescue of Jim, but ends up getting hurt himself. Jim shows that he is a person with a heart and decided to stay and help his friend, even though he puts himself at risk as well. The whole mix-up gets cleared up and Jim is finally set free. Huck then decides to go to the Indian Territory where he wants to start a new life.

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