Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anti-Federalist #1

Unlike the federalist, the Anti-Federalist seemed to be targeting the lower and mid class people of America. The language that they used was a little more understandable, possibly because Yates was part of the lower class at that time. As I read the article, the main point that was made was that all the states should stay with their own powers and that the nation as a whole shouldn't intervene with the states. Yates wanted for everyone to have a government that would only defend the nation from foreign powers and he explains this in paragraph 8. He mentions this because he thinks that the government will always want to control everything for their own convenience.
In the very beginning, he warns that the government should be careful who they give power to because not everyone always uses the power that they have for the benefit of all, but instead use it for their own advantage. He continues throughout addressing the same idea which then leads him to say that the states should appoint people to represent them when it comes to discussing national issues. He suggested that the people shouldn't trust having a large government that governs all because then their voices will not be heard and then the people could be suppressed.
At the very end, when he comments, "I will hold my peace", this makes it seem like he is giving up when the battle has just started. He makes it also seem like no matter what he says or does, the Federalist will always win their way. This shows how the minority classes have always been manipulated to think that they can not succeed in what they want to have.

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