Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Hawthorne starts out his story by describing what the government is like. He tells of all the governors and what has happened to them. Afterwords he starts to get into the story line of a young man, Robin, of about 18 years of age and his journey to find his beloved uncle, Major Molineux. As he goes through the city in which he arrives, he comes across many people that just laugh and poke fun at him. For instance, as he is walking he finds a young girl that is in her "home" and she says that the Major lives upstairs. He seems not to believe the young girl and decides to walk away, not thinking that the young girl could possibly be a "street worker".  He goes all night trying to find Moineux, but has no luck until he comes to a church. An old man tells him that he will soon see his uncle down the street, but Robin is completely confused and tired. When he finally sees what his uncle has become, he is disappointed, but at the same time amazed.
His uncle is basically the towns laughing stock. He had become an old, grey haired man that was; in the eyes of Robin, a shame but at the same time a sign of adventure. After finding his uncle and seeing what his future held for him, I think that Robin will let his life roam freely and without a second thought because he was so used to being held in one place and living a certain way and when he was exposed to this new lifestyle he liked it. Also, he is a prime example of what teens his age had to go through during this time period and of what kind of decisions they had to make.

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