Thursday, September 15, 2011

Elizabeth Stanton-Women's Rights

Elizabeth Stanton attended the convention at Seneca Falls in order to discuss the right and wrongs of the women during the mid 80's. She describes of how she sees no improvement in the way that women are being treated and also that she does not agree with how women are allowing themselves to be suppressed in this manner. She also lists a couple of women that have already made a name for themselves, such as Caroline Herschel and Mary Summerville, and she says that they have an advantage over many people because they are educated and have made something out of themselves. Stanton also mentions that even though men are believed to be in a higher mental state, women can still show what they are made of and they can also show that God made this world for everyone, not just for men.
When she states that the government claims to be equal, supportive, and unjust, she shows the contrary. Rights such as the right to take land or imprison their wives where just some of the few points that she makes in order to demonstrate how society has allowed all the "evil" to occur.
The line that really caught my attention was when she says, "We met....To uplift woman's fallen divinity Upon an even pedestal with men...". This was the line that symbolized all the hard work that women were willing to do in order to get what they deserved from men. I thought it was very unjust and couldn't even imagine why these women allowed their husbands to mistreat them. When she also says that the men obligated the women to do work that was harsh, like plowing the fields, it just blew my mind because who could have thought that men at this time allowed women out of the home to do "men's" work?

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