Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The SotWeed Factor

     In the Sot-Weed Factor by Cook he goes on to tell his experiences as he is going to the new world. He first starts out by telling of why he must go, which was because he needed to make something out of himself and he wanted to have a better life. He also comments that he is starting with nothing and hopes for the best.
      As he progresses in his trip, he confronts many issues such as a heavy storm while still at sea and having no food or shelter. Cook then mentions that a woman stops him and confronts him thinking that he is a run-away. This offends him greatly, but takes the help that she is offering. Once he is in her home, he sees that she lives with many people and he describes their home as a being part of the "Indian Country".
     The way that he reacts to all the events that go on in his voyage sort of surprise me and make me think that he is not used to seeing such things. He makes it seem like he is not worthy of going through such filth and troubles. Also, when he is in the home of the lady, he encounters a young girl that is probably a slave girl. She speaks to him of all the evil she has to go through and of how she feels lonely. I wouldn't have thought that he would have seen this girl because not all the slaves were allowed to sleep in their masters homes. This was unusual to me because of the time period, but then again it wasn't a total surprise.

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