Thursday, September 1, 2011

Autobiography of Peter Cartwright

Cartwright starts off by commenting about his own life. He tells about how poor his family is and of how his father works to death in order to provide for him. He then mentions that he is soon to leave for Kentucky, where there are many more possibilities for his father. On his way there, he encounters several events of things he hasn't seen before, like the death of travelers. Once he arrives, he takes time to explain what path he decided to take concerning his life. He tells of how he wants nothing to do with praising God and going to church even if it is a common event for everyone else.
Once he turns 16, he confronts the reality of how his life is going. He goes months without peace because he hasn't taken the time before to repent or the time to praise God. Once he starts explaining all the struggles that he went through, I didn't really understand why was it that he all of a sudden started to feel like that? Even though he later explains that he wanted a better life because he was tired of all his old habits, it still doesn't clarify what exactly triggered the urge for change.
At the moment that he feels liberated and forgiven, he goes into detail about the church and of all the meetings that they hold. He tells of all the beliefs that his church has such as slavery being evil. He makes it a clear point that the church doesn't approve the evil of slavery, but that they can not do anything about it other than not follow the footsteps of others. He also explains of how the church would like to see the states all united so that once and for all everyone can be together and can follow the word of God.
In reading this autobiography, it opened my eyes to the religion of the Methodist, but it also showed how the people where so gullible because of all the trust that they put into the people that praised in their church. When some of the people would go and stay weeks at a time at the campsites, it made me question whether the people really followed the church because they were doing good or just because they wanted to "secure" themselves a spot in heaven?

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  1. I found it interesting that you used the word gullible. I have never thought of a religious followers being gullible before. It is an different way of looking at it. Do you think that the many different revelations that he has could constitute him as a true follower of the religion?