Sunday, December 4, 2011

Feed--Part I: The Moon

Having a feed is a typical normal thing that is described throughout the whole book of Feed. A feed is like having a chip of all the Worlds information in your head. It can tell if your mad or having a bad day and is an everyday part of the people’s lives.
In this first part of the book, the speaker, Titus talks about how he goes on an “adventure” with all his friends to the Moon. He seems to be tired of his “normal” days and wants to experience something different. Once they arrive at the Moon, they see things that they wouldn’t have expected like all the ugly destroyed streets. They roam around and try to get alcohol, getting into a college part and just to have some fun. They finally go into a bar where they think that they are going to have fun. They dance around, throw a few things around and just talk among themselves.  In this place they also meet a girl named Violet. She seems very quiet and unlike any other girl. Titus is really intrigued by this girl and wants to make a good impression on her, but he and his friends get attacked by a man screaming weird things like “We enter a time of calamity!” They all are confused about what is going on and they have no control over what this man has done to them. They all get “shut-off” by the police and they fall asleep.

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