Sunday, December 4, 2011

Feed--Part III: Utopia

This third part is when the gang is back at their homes and are starting to get back to their "normal" lives. They forget about the Moon and don't bother to ask what truly happen to the man that attacked them. Titus and Violet seem to become closer.
This is the part when Violet truly tries to tell Titus that she wants to fight against the feed. She takes him to their mall and goes around acting like she doesn't know what she wants and makes her feed go nuts. She keeps trying to tell Titus that the feed is only making them fit one shape in society and she doesn't want to lose her old self. At one point when they are talking to a sales person, they are told about all the cockroaches that are living on the domes. This goes to show how the Earth has been completely trashed and is gone down the drain. Titus just sort of tags along and doesn't really process what Violet is trying to show him.
They later go into a discussion about how many people don't have feeds. Violet goes on to talk about how she was around 7 years old when she got her for the first time. Titus is kind of confused at why and doesn't understand the bigger picture of the feeds in Violets perspective. Also, Violet feels like Titus will never understand her way of being because his family has it "all". Titus' parents buy him a car and he only thinks about what his friends will think about it. Violet tries to fit in with all his friends, but her feed starts to mess up and that brings on more issues between them.
Once Titus finds out about Violets feed not working, he tries to help her by just doing whatever she likes, like going to the country side. He feels like he should experience new things with her and he sort of likes the new and fresh ideas that she comes up with. When Titus and Violet hang-out with the gang, many issues arise because Violet says "weird" things and just doesn't fit in. This puts pressure on the couple especially Violet because she isn't able to control her feed anymore. She goes in to several seizures in this section and Titus' friends start to not want Violet around anymore.

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