Thursday, December 1, 2011

"From Blossoms" by Li-Young Lee

Lee starts out this poem by talking about some peaches that were bought on the side of the road. He goes on to say that these peaches mean more than just the skin and dirt that are on them. He also speaks of how they are picked and delivered to his hands. They seem to bring back memories of his summer days, which he then goes on to talk about.
The way that he starts makes it seem like a memory because of the paper bag and the kid that is selling the peaches. It seems like a summer day that he spent with his wife/lover that got interrupted by the sign saying peaches. When he just says that they turn towards the sign that he saw, it also seems like it wasn't expected in his day to go and buy peaches. Then he starts to talk about those hands that have brought the succulent peaches to his mouth and how they aren't just peaches, but peaches that are real with all that is life to him.
Lee also starts to talk about how he appreciates every bit of the peach that he is eating because it is all good to him. He seems to be taking every part of the "peach" very seriously because he speaks of the shade, the days, and the hands that have all been part of the growing of this great fruit.
At the end, Lee speaks of "all the days that we live as if death were nowhere", and makes it seem as if even the moment of eating a peach can mean so much to his life. He also makes it seem like he wants to enjoy every possible moment in his life because he wants no impossible.
I think that the whole poem was a memory of his youth because he makes it seem like he is enjoying this day of "peach eating" with the women that he loves. Also, the wording that he uses implies that he could be a young man. Living as if death were nowhere near seems like a line from a teen that wants to live his life to the fullest and stops to think of nothing. This poem could have just been a reflection of one of the speakers summer evenings.

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