Sunday, December 4, 2011

Feed--Part IV: Slumberland

The last section consist of Violet dying out slowly. Her feed is no longer responding correctly and the companies won't pay for a new feed. She is left to fend for herself and tries to hold on to all that she has for as long as possible. She sends memory clips and messages pages long to Titus, but he is so overwhelmed by the whole situation that he just ignores the messages and deletes her memories. Titus uses the fact that Violet isn't able to get out anymore so he can go off his own way. He goes out with another girl and hangs with his friends and doesn't bother to check on Violet.
Violet is still trying to fight the feed till the very end, but even then her feed is still able to say what she likes and doesn't like. She feels like all her struggles and hard work haven't really worked other than for her rejection because her ability to not make up her mind ruined her possibilities of getting help. In the last few episodes, Titus finally goes to her house because she is right at the end. He sees what she has become which is just a pale boney girl that lays on a bed unable to move anymore. Titus even says that when she cries it makes her even uglier. He stays to listen and talk to her for a while, but then leaves back home. Once he arrives at home he is mad at the fact that he had to go through with this happening to Violet. I think he really did like her still, but just didn't know how to cope with the situation. At the very end, Violet is at the last hour of life and just laid in her bed motionless. Titus goes to see her one last time and just sits there crying beside her after telling her stories that he knew. He even mentions that it is the first time ever that he truly cried which could mean that he finally understood what Violet was trying to tell him all along.
The ending to me really sucked because Violet dies and Titus could possibly go on to be with some other random girl!! Violet was just trying to be different and show everyone that things shouldn't be the way that they were. I liked her character, but sometimes she over did the whole "wanting to fight the feed" idea. Titus should have stuck by her side till the end, not just back out because he was scared. I understood most of the concepts that were talked about in the book and really hope that we don't end up getting feeds too!!!

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