Sunday, December 4, 2011

Feed--Part II: Eden

After being on the Moon and being attacked they all get transferred to a hospital where their feeds are temporarily turned off. They experience what it is like to not have a feed, something that is completely new to them but not to Violet. They are all together in the same room and try to make time fly by playing games and talking about the random things that they can remember. Violet and Titus become friends and have a special connection by the end. Titus’ dad goes to see how he is and this seems completely normal to him and wonders why Violets parents haven’t visited her yet.
Violet shows Titus that she is completely different from everyone else, which pulls him even more to her. She can read and write and doesn’t like all the same things that the other girls like. This seems strange to Titus but he doesn’t care because he finally feels like he is experiencing something different.
Violet, Titus and the gang all get sent back home after their feeds are turned back on and Titus speaks of how he just felt all the information of the feed flow in his head unlike before. He felt like he had missed out on so much just in a few days that his fee was off. 

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